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Our Story

SecuriTee Star was born from the idea that women in the infosec community deserve better than ill-fitting swag.  The brainchild of Susan McReynolds, SecuriTeeStar is the evolution of the “Women in SecuriTee Swap", which first debuted at RSA2020 to fight back against the “one size fits all” conference tee.   Show attendees were offered the chance to swap out a unisex shirt they’d received at another booth for one made for and designed by women.  

The resounding sentiment from attendees - both men and women alike - is what drove the evolution to SecuriTee Star - created to shine a spotlight on women of infosec with smart, fun apparel women actually want to wear. We saw an opportunity to break status quo and put women at the forefront of shirt design - not as an afterthought. 

RSA 2020

Susan McReynolds is a mom, sequin enthusiast, technical marketer, SANS fanatic and a passionate advocate for making Vaporwave great again for women in security. As the proud parent of the inaugural “Women in SecuriTee Swap” and the founder of SecuriTee Star, she aims to combine sharp wit and a keen eye for fashion to make security apparel fun and flattering - for all!


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